What is the Best Brand of E-Liquid?

e-liquid101Electronic cigarettes have revolutionized cigarette smoking for generations to come. The convenience and advantages that come with electronic cigarettes are amazing. Ten years ago, no one would have imagined such a simple yet sophisticated gadget would ever exist but right now, there are people who can swear by their electronic cigarettes!

The biggest determiner of someone’s vaping experience, that is, vapor smoking experience, is the kind of e-liquid one chooses. There are so many types of e- liquid in the market both of good and bad quality. Like many things nowadays, one is spoil for choice when it comes to the e-liquid. Here, we will look at the top e-liquid brads in the market currently.

One of the best brands of e-liquid in the market currently is Vapor Zone. This e-liquid received a five star rating among e-liquid review circles. It has a great taste, scoring a 10/10 when it comes to taste. Vapor Zone has a total of around 54 plus flavors, with a possibility of thirty thousand plus combinations to blow you taste buds away! This US based company even offers custom flavor mixes.

Following closely by is Halo Cigs, also US based company which also received a five star rating among e-liquids review. This brand also scored 10/10 when it came to the taste, with users claiming to be very happy about their flavors. The only unfortunate thing about this brand is that they do not allow custom mixes, but their range of twenty one plus flavors are bound to make one a very happy vapor!
Another top e-liquid brand is V2 Cigs. This brand is renowned for establishing a strong market presence due its unparalleled price, consistency and great taste. Unfortunately,V2 Cigs does not have the most flavors out in the market, but they have the most basic and desirable flavors that one would need. Tobacco flavors are bold, refined and cigar while others are coffee, chocolate, cherry, vanilla, peppermint and green tea.